Scottish Labour has called on Glasgow Airport to abandon its controversial airport drop off charge.

The £2 charge introduced this week was meant to reduce congestion but there were reports of confusion and major tailbacks on the M8 as the charge was introduced yesterday.

Neil Bibby MSP for West Scotland and Scottish Labour transport spokesperson said: “The reason for this charge was to tackle congestion around the airport but it seems after this week’s shambles to be having the opposite effect.It is clear this move does not have public support. Many of my constituents are on low incomes and this just looks like a blatant money making exercise by the airport.

“The only way to get to Glasgow Airport is by road so people will continue to travel to the airport by car and the airport must know this. I can see how this ‘drop off tax’ will make the airport a lot of money but fail to see this will tackle the congestion issues.

“People drop off friends and family at the airport as an act of kindness but are now going to be charged £2 for the privilege – it’s wrong particularly when there is little alternative.

“Glasgow Airport should immediately abandon this drop off tax which is fleecing its own customers and backing up the motorway at busy times.

“If airport bosses want to introduce a charge they should wait until there are other affordable and convenient ways for people to get to the airport.”


By Ricky Kelly

Main writer for Renfrewshire News