Hotel and leisure group Manorview have this week shared a total of £162,479 amongst every team member who has worked there for 12+ months, and they marked the event with a team-party of epic proportions at Glasgow venue SWG3.

A total of 389 employees will benefit from their Heartcount Profit Share Scheme, which sees the business take 10% of net profits and share it equally with qualifying team members.

The scheme was introduced by the business, who own and operate 11 hospitality venues, in 2017. But this is the biggest amount to date that has been shared. Every team member who has worked at Manorview for 12 months or longer, will qualify.

Speaking of Heartcount, David Tracey, Managing Director said “We’re on a mission to make hospitality a better industry to be part of – so it felt absolutely right to find a way to share our profits with our incredible team. Without them, we wouldn’t have a high-performing, profitable business. Though we started in 2017, this year is the biggest amount we’ve ever shared – almost double previous years in fact!”

One of the key aspects of Heartcount, is that the amount each person gets is calculated based on hours worked, instead of on their job role or pay. This decision was made intentionally to make things as fair as possible and means that everyone who works the same hours, will get the same amount of profit share.

“Why should a Manager or Director get more profit share than say, a Kitchen Porter or Housekeeper, when their job role is just as critical to business success?” said Mr Tracey. “We believe they shouldn’t, which is why Heartcount is calculated this way.”

Heartcount is in fact the only financial bonus scheme available to the Manorview team. In 2021, the business removed performance-related bonuses, feeling it was unfair to reward some and not others. Commenting on the decision, David Tracey said “We believe that no one person is ever solely responsible for success. We have a team mentality, which is why we don’t offer individual performance related bonuses.”

To mark the occasion of the profit share, all team members enjoyed an all-expenses paid party at SWG3 on Wednesday evening.

The massive celebration with their 500+ team members included carnival dancers, an aerial artist, face painters & street food.

Clyde 1 DJ Cassi was joined by live musicians and party band The Brightside brought the soundtrack to the night. The party came to an end with confetti falling from the ceiling.

All venues closed for the evening so everyone could attend.

Speaking of the event, David said “It was amazing to have all team members together to reward everyone for their hard work and commitment. The team loved every minute.

“It was the perfect way to mark this year’s profit share.”

By Ricky Kelly

Main writer for Renfrewshire News

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