Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme will be a turning point for recycling and waste in Renfrewshire, says Scottish Green MSP Ross Greer.

This comes as the Scottish Green Party co-leader, and Minister for Circular Economy, Lorna Slater has announced that companies responsible for more than two billion recyclable drinks containers are now registered with the scheme. This is over 95% of all containers sold in Scotland.

From Wednesday 16th August, when we buy a drink in a bottle or can, consumers will pay a 20p deposit. Once the customer is finished with their drink, they can return the empty container to one of the thousands of return points that will be available and claim that 20p back.

Information from countries in European countries, American states and Canadian provinces who run similar schemes show the scheme will dramatically increase recycling and decrease litter.

Greer, Scottish Green West of Scotland MSP, said: “The Deposit Return Scheme will make a huge difference in Renfrewshire. We can all see the problem with far too many of our streets and parks being blighted by litter which can easily be recycled.

“That is why I am delighted that so many retailers and businesses in Renfrewshire have signed up for the scheme, despite the lurid scare stories. Everyone in Renfrewshire can be confident that the vast majority of the bottles and cans that they see in their local shops will be included.

“Despite all of the scaremongering and the misinformation we have seen from the Tories, I know that people in Renfrewshire value our local environment and will welcome the DRS launching in August.

“I am confident that the scheme will come to be seen as one of the most important pieces of work completed in this term of Parliament. It will be a turning point for Scotland’s relationship with litter and recycling and will mean cleaner streets in Renfrewshire.

“It will also set the model for how successful deposit return schemes can operate across the UK. I am proud that it is being delivered by a Green Minister.”

If you would like more information on the new Deposit Return Scheme, visit:

By Ricky Kelly

Main writer for Renfrewshire News

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