Residents wishing to continue to receive a garden waste collection in Renfrewshire can now apply for a permit and are being encouraged to do so well in advance of the new service beginning on 10 July 2023.

With councils facing extreme financial pressures, a £40 annual charge for the collection of garden waste has been introduced which is in line with two-thirds of councils who currently offer this service.

Residents who purchase a permit will receive a sticker to be attached to their brown bin which will ensure their garden waste is collected by council crews and the permit applies to one brown bin at the property only, with additional permits and brown bins available to be purchased.

To ensure the permit is in place ahead of the new service starting, residents should apply by 25 June 2023 – but applications can be made after this date too.

Anyone who does not wish to participate can continue to present their brown bin with food waste only, but if garden waste is placed into the bin without a permit, then it will not be collected until it is removed.

Garden waste, such as grass and hedge cuttings, can continue to be taken to any of Renfrewshire’s recycling centres for free or residents can pay to use the council’s special uplift service.

All other bin collections will remain the same.

Waste advisors will carry out roadshows at libraries across Renfrewshire throughout June to allow local people to ask questions and the details of these can be found on the council website.

For full details of the scheme and to apply for a permit, visit or call 0300 300 0380. For any questions, email

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By Ricky Kelly

Main writer for Renfrewshire News

12 thought on “Permit applications now available for garden waste collections in Renfrewshire”
  1. It’s not a NEW SERVICE at all!

    It’s a service that we’ve already been paying for through our council tax (which has also gone up).

    I’d be interested to know what this NEW SERVICE includes that we haven’t already been paying for.

    Putting it simply, it’s the removal of part of the current service and charging us for reinstating it.

  2. I wonder how many jobs have been created to “process” the permits and the payments! More cost to the council.. what a waste of time.. if the £40 is needed it should have been added to the bill we already pay !! Some clever person being paid to think up this stupid idea no doubt!
    Displaying the permit on the bin so the bin men know to empty it is also a genius idea! How long with those last…

  3. This is ridiculous, how are people meant to afford that in the current financial situation we are all facing.

    The broon bin has been getting lifted for years and years!! Why should we now have to pay for a permit? An increase in council tax for what? Our roads are a mess, the public transport is a mess, the pavements are absolutely covered in rubbish and the areas of grass around the town are more often than not, overgrown.

    Someone has said it here already but this will lead to people not being able to keep their gardens tidy. Alot of people take pride in that. I know I do but I have no idea how I would get rid of garden waste other wise. Put it in plastic bags that will take decades to decompose in an ever expanding landfill?? FFS!!

  4. They can come and collect their brown bin, the food waste can go in the garden with the cuttings to make compost. This council is a shambles. Maybe if they stop wasting public money we would all get a better more affordable service.

  5. Now that I will no longer be using my brown bin as I refuse to pay this extra cost for a permit, will the council take the brown bin back? No point in keeping it as it will no longer be needed.

  6. I have just payed £40 for a permit and i am on the grass assistance scheme. They cut my grass every 2 weeks hail rain sleet or snow! They are Supposed to pick up the
    grass and take the cuttings! In reality they use a leaf blower that blows the soaking wet grass cuttings onto my neighbours patio they are not happy and blame me! WHY am I’m being charged £40 for this service? I Cant work anymore after a motor accident that robbed me of my leg. Its a shambles!!!

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