A group of holidaymakers at a Scots country club couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw a ‘headless horseman’ during an evening walk.

Tommy Gillan and his friends were staying in the on-site RV Park at the luxury Ingliston Estate and Country Club in Bishopton when they decided to go for an after dinner stroll.

They were in the middle of filming some of the surrounding countryside to show their family before they were stopped in their tracks by a figure on horseback.

And they had to do a double take when the mysterious figure began cantering then galloping towards them on a dark horse.

Video: A group of holidaymakers film a ‘headless horseman’ at Ingliston Estate and Country Club
Video and image screen shot: Tommy Gillan 

Tommy from Glasgow, who was still visibly shocked after the incident, said: “My pals and I decided to take an early weekend break in Ingliston and were just enjoying the outdoor scenery.

We couldn’t actually believe it when we heard hooves then saw what looked to be a headless figure on a horse. It kind of came out of nowhere.

We didn’t know if we’d had too much to drink. One of my pals, Sharon, was freaking out when she saw it and shouted out ‘it’s got nae heid’. I was just running in the other direction by that point.”

He added: “I’m really not sure what we saw – the body on the horse was dressed in a black outfit, with a cape and the horse seemed bigger than normal. We tried to film it but to be honest we were all a bit shaken.”

The group managed to get a video of the ‘headless horseman’ as it came towards them.

Staff at the venue refused to comment though one insider said: “Ingliston House was built in 1846 on the old Greenock Road and the area has a history of some spooky going ons.

“With October and Halloween celebrations coming including their Masquerade Ball on 28th October 28 there’s definitely something in the air.”

By Ricky Kelly

Main writer for Renfrewshire News

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