Vital bus services in Johnstone have been saved after Shuttle Buses announced that they would be taking them over next month.

The current operator, Key Coaches, will no longer operate Route 1 between Johnstone Castle and Johnstone Centre, and Route 5 between Spateston and Johnstone Centre, after 16th March.

However, Shuttle Buses have confirmed that they will be running both routes from 18th March. There will be three buses every hour on service 1 and two every hour on service 5, with timetables being very similar to those currently operating.

Local Councillor John Hood said, “I wish to thank Shuttle Buses for taking up these vital services in Johnstone Castle and Spateston; as a bus user myself, I know how essential these services are for the community”.

Ross Granger, Managing Director of Shuttle Buses, said, “When we heard that these routes would no longer be served by Key Coaches, we realised the serious impact this would have on the large numbers of people who currently rely on them.

“With the assistance of Key we have been able to ensure that both areas will continue to get the service they need. We hope to take on some of Key Coaches’ drivers too, meaning that the only thing that will change is the colour of the buses.”

Shuttle Buses took over service 4 running between Lochwinnoch and Johnstone Station in November when Key Coaches withdrew from the route. Route 4 has since been extended and improved under Shuttle Buses.

The company told Renfrewshire News that after the success of the Lochwinnoch to Johnstone Station service, it encouraged them to expand their local routes in Renfrewshire.

Timetables can be found at

Headline image: Shuttle Buses, who currently operate service 4 between Johnstone and Lochwinnoch will take over Key Coaches’ existing routes next month
Photo Credit: Shuttle Buses

By Ricky Kelly

Main writer for Renfrewshire News

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