West of Scotland, Scottish Green MSP Ross Greer, has praised the Scottish Child Payment received by families in Renfrewshire, calling it ‘one of the most important steps for tackling poverty in decades’.

Scottish Government figures show that, by 31 December 2023, 9890 families in Renfrewshire had benefited from the weekly payments.

In November 2022 the payment was increased from £20 a week to £25. It will be further increased to £26.70 a week from April this year as part of the Scottish Government’s efforts to tackle the cost of living crisis and reduce child poverty.

The Scottish Child Payment has been credited by inequality expert Professor Danny Dorling as resulting in the single biggest reduction in inequality anywhere in Europe for decades.

The Scottish Government estimates that the payment will lift 50,000 children out of relative poverty this year.

Ross Greer, said: “The groundbreaking Scottish Child Payment is playing a crucial role supporting families across Renfrewshire, lifting many out of poverty. This much of a positive impact from a single measure hasn’t been seen anywhere in Europe for decades. I’m proud that the Scottish Greens are part of the government delivering this support for children and their families.

“We will not abandon vulnerable people like Westminster has done. I am proud that this payment sits alongside other Scottish Greens policies like free bus travel for young people and cancelling all school meal debt, which are making such a huge difference for children and families across the country. This is one of the richest countries on Earth, no child should grow up in poverty in Renfrewshire or anywhere else.”

By Ricky Kelly

Main writer for Renfrewshire News

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