The Power of Sport & Physical Activity Conference will be held at Easterhouse Sport Centre on Wednesday 5th June 2024.

With 10 years since the Commonwealth Games was held in Glasgow, a conference to look at the lasting impact the event had on the city will be held to seek and develop a collective understanding of its impact and legacy.

Sport and physical activity programmes and events can be a powerful catalyst in bringing about positive change in the lives of people and communities around wellbeing, inclusion and social cohesion.

The event is being organised in partnership between Spirit of 2012, Inspiring Scotland, Actify, Basketball Scotland, Evaluation Support Scotland, Scottish Sports Futures, and University of the West of Scotland.

Speakers on the day will include Maree Todd MSP, Minister for Social Care, Wellbeing & Sport and Forbes Dunlop, Director of sportscotland. The programme will show what works in reaching the least active, how sport and physical activity can achieve wider social impacts and how to improve the legacy planning of major sporting events.

In the run up to the conference Spirit of 2012 and the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) will be surveying people in Scotland’s memories and views on the benefit of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. Results of this will be announced on the day.

Ruth Hollis, chief executive at Spirit of 2012 said: “Spirit’s work began at a Glasgow event – the 2014 Commonwealth Games and we’ve worked with partners over the last 10 years to take forward its sporting legacy.

“We know that events and sport have the power to bring different people together and bridge divides. Sporting events can help build happier, connected and thriving communities. Spirit of 2012 is delighted to be supporting the Power of Sport and Physical Activity Conference in Glasgow. A city with an impressive track record in hosting major sporting and cultural events.

“We look forward to bringing UK events and sports experts and stakeholders together to learn about the impact of Glasgow 2014 and how sport and physical activity can be used to achieve positive impact for people and communities’.

Celia Tennant, chief executive at Inspiring Scotland said: “We are proud to be collaborating on this event with so many partners working to positively change lives through sport and physical activity.

“From our work at Inspiring Scotland, especially with our Thrive Outdoors and CashBack for Communities programmes, we know that boosting physical activity and promoting happiness and wellbeing is vital to help people live a happy, healthy and resilient life. We look forward to sharing our learning in a room with other change makers in the area.”

Professor David McGillivray, Centre for Culture, Sport & Events at University of the West of Scotland said: “We are delighted to be working with influential partners to host this event on the 10th anniversary of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

“We’re looking forward to reflecting on how the sport and physical activity sector benefitted from investments and programmes related to the 2014 Commonwealth Games and sharing learning on how to more effectively lever major events for the benefit of individuals, groups and communities in the future, informed by evidence drawn locally, national and internationally.”

Steven Marwick, director, Evaluation Support Scotland said: “Evaluation Support Scotland has been privileged to work with Spirit of 2012 and Actify over the last few years, helping groups measure and prove how they make a difference and change lives through sport. We look forward to sharing our learning at this conference”.

Aidan Gallacher, chief executive officer, Actify said: “We know that organisations of all shapes and sizes across the sports and physical activity sector, from the grassroots to national policy and universities, hold loads of hugely valuable knowledge and learning. At Actify we want to help get that information out, shared with those that need it most and build the connections that enable more great work to happen. This conference is a brilliant way for us to get a wide range of people in the room and drive these ambitions forward.”

Dougie Millen, chief executive officer at Scottish Sports Futures (SSF) said: “We are delighted to be supporting this event as it will provide a great opportunity to bring people together to share learning and inform new ideas for the next 10-15 years.

“SSF are passionate about transforming young lives. Sport and Physical activity can be the catalyst that enables young people to be healthier, more confident, and more resilient so that they are better prepared to combat the effects of poverty and adversity. To be hosting this event at a community run venue in Easterhouse, where we can come together to collaborate and learn will be fantastic”.

Kevin Pringle, trustee, Easterhouse Sport Centre and Chief Executive Officer, Basketball Scotland said: “At Easterhouse Sports Centre, we’re delighted to host the Power of Sport and Physical Activity Conference in the East End of Glasgow and we look forward to welcoming a range of people from across the sector who share our aspiration to make a positive impact within our community.”

The Power of Sport & Physical Activity Conference will be held at Easterhouse Sport Centre on Wednesday 5 June 2024.
Tickets are free and available to reserve your space now.

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