A convicted killer has been jailed for life for the apparently motiveless murder of a dad in his own home.

Andrew McLeod, 58, was locked up for a minimum 20 years after being found guilty today/yesterday at the High Court in Glasgow.

John Dalziel was battered and his throat slashed with a broken plate at the house in Paisley, Renfrewshire on 6th May 2021 – said to be the day of his birthday.

A fire was also started in the 47 year-old’s home.

McLeod had denied the accusation at the trial.

But, it emerged after the verdict, he already had a conviction for culpable homicide in 2005.

He was jailed for nine years then for killing Scott McMinn in Paisley before dumping his body in a wheelie bin at a former gas works pit.

McLeod also had other high court convictions.

Lord Arthurson yesterday told the thug: “By this appalling crime, you have left Mr Dalziel’s young daughter without her beloved father.

“A consequence you should very much be aware of as you are sentenced today.

“As it was put (during the trial), Mr Dalziel was found lying slaughtered in his own living room.”

John Thomas, 39, had also been accused of murder, but a not proven verdict was returned today/yesterday.

Prosecutor Greg Farrell told jurors how the attack was “spontaneous”.

In his closing speech, he also said: “There is no discernible reason as to why this happened to John Dalziel.

“But, he was slashed and beaten to death. It is not necessary to determine a motive.”

A neighbour of Mr Dalziel’s earlier recalled how he had been alerted to the sound of a smoke alarm that night.

Robert Carmichael went out to investigate and saw a blaze in the victim’s home.

Peering in a window, he could see a stricken Mr Dalziel on the floor in a “pool of blood” and another man – McLeod – sitting on the couch.

Mr Carmichael: “At that point, John Thomas came out the side of the house and I asked what happened.

“I do not know if he heard me or was not there fully himself.”

Andrew Cunningham – another neighbour – recalled racing into the living room and was told by the man on the couch: “F*** off, p****.”

Mr Cunningham helped put out the flames while being sworn at up to 10 times.

The broken plate used to attack Mr Dalziel was described as an “improvised weapon”.

The victim also suffered a brain injury as a result of the violence.

By Grant McCabe

Renfrewshire News Court Reporter

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