A Renfrewshire care home has unveiled a series of renovations aimed at providing an uplifting and enhanced living environment for its residents.

Westerfield Care Home, a residential, nursing and dementia home in Paisley, has added the finishing touches to its exciting new renovations, which includes the addition of new furniture, a refurbished hair salon, and the transformation of the quiet lounge into a private dining room.

The home also features specialist units staffed with expert teams who provide personalised care for specific requirements, ensuring that residents receive the attention they deserve in a safe and supportive environment. The units are designed to support residents with dementia, promoting a calming environment and assisting in slowing down the advancement of the disease. Additionally, the care home boasts a secure garden, allowing residents to enjoy quality time outdoors while maintaining their safety.

The updates and modernisation signify a renewed commitment from the High Calside home to enhancing the quality of life for its residents, as well as providing a fresh and rejuvenated ambiance.

Catherine Galbraith, Home Manager at Westerfield Care Home, said: “We have seen a real benefit from the integration of residents with dementia into the wider home. Ultimately, we’ve found that matching these residents to specific units has enabled us to have a calm atmosphere within the home.

“For example, if we have someone with an issue with eating and not knowing what to do with the food, they may watch someone else at their table in their unit and copy their actions. The integration, plus the other renovations within the home, has changed and uplifted the care environment, making it the best possible place to live and work.”

Westerfield Care Home specialises in providing residential, nursing and dementia care tailored to suit individual preferences in Paisley and wider Renfrewshire. The home prioritises the well-being and happiness of its residents by offering a wide range of activities and creating a nurturing and supportive environment.

Talking of the home, resident Irene Harvey, said: “Since I’ve been here, I’ve found that it’s exactly what I needed. It’s the type of place where I can be myself, but I can also be with other people. I go to the art group on a Tuesday and we paint with acrylics, which is something I hadn’t done since childhood, so it’s very enjoyable.”

The home is operated by the Handsale care group, which oversees the management of eight residential and nursing care homes across England, Scotland and Wales. The group prides itself on empowering its staff to provide outstanding care by putting well-being and community at the centre of its operations.

To find out more information about Westerfield Care Home, please visit: https://handsale.co.uk/westerfield.

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