An electrical engineer has been cleared of racial road rage towards a doctor.

Christopher Slater, 36, was alleged to have insulted Athar Badar, 41, in Thornliebank, East Renfrewshire, on 15th June 2022.

The doctor claimed that Slater made comments which included the word “F***” and “P**i.”

Dr Badar stated that Slater also approached his car – which contained his elderly mother – and forcefully tried to open his door.

He added that Slater only left the scene after he showed him that he had dialled 999.

Slater was found not proven to a charge of behaving in a racially aggravated manner following a trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

The expectant dad – who worked for Coca Cola and AG Barr in the past – refuted claims that he was racist towards the doctor as it was “not in my vocabulary.”

The court heard from Dr Badar who stated he was driving his mother’s car in order to buy tiles.

He claimed that Slater – who was turning into his side of the road – caused him to take “evasive action” and swerve.

Dr Badar stated that he then went ahead of Slater’s car but both vehicles ended up being parallel to each other on separate lanes.

Prosecutor Hazel Kerr asked the witness what happened next.

Dr Badar replied: “He was shouting abuse, making motions with his hand.

“He was using expletives of various versions of f*** and f***ing and P**i.”

Miss Kerr asked Dr Badar how this made him feel and he said: “It was not a pleasant feeling. I did not feel at any point that I had been driving unsafely or at speed.”
Dr Badar claimed that he pulled his car over in order to take down Slater’s registration plate.

He stated at that point Slater then parked behind him and got out of his car to approach his vehicle.

Dr Badar said: “He started using bad language – he used the word f*** or versions of that.

“He tried to open the car door and was banging on the car – he was making a lot of noise – simultaneously I was phoning the police.”

Dr Badar added that Slater went back into his vehicle once he showed him that he had dialed 999.

He said: “It felt intimidating, I have been in fear for my safety and my mother was in the car – I am not a fighter – it was intimidating yes – there was some form of element of fear.”

Slater told the court in his evidence that he had been on his way home from a nearby industrial estate to fix his boiler.

He stated that he did not see Dr Badar take evasive action during the manoeuvre to enter the road.

Slater claimed that Dr Badar later slammed on his brakes and that it was he who had to avoid making a collision.

Slater said: “He was shouting and screaming and was very agitated.”

When quizzed about the racist comment, Slater replied: “That is not part of my vocabulary – I was trying to defend myself – I was trying to make sure he was picking the right lane.”

Slater admitted approaching Dr Badar’s car with his hands out asking “What was going on?”

He refuted the suggestion that he banged on the doctor’s car but claimed that he told him to “F*** off” after seeing that he had dialled 999 as it was “ridiculous.”

Sheriff Louise Arrol KC stated that the Crown case was not proved beyond reasonable doubt and acquitted Slater, of Glasgow’s Darnley, who replied: “Thank you, my lady.”

By Connor Gordon

Renfrewshire News Court Reporter

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