Members of Yes Paisley have arranged a bus for those who wish to attend an event to show their support for Scottish Independence.

Those attending the Chain of Freedom event will form a human chain to show their support for Scottish Independence.

The event will take place on Saturday from 12:30pm until 1:15pm at the Forth and Clyde & Union Canals.

To make it easier for independence supporters to take part, Yes Paisley have organised for a bus to take supporters from Paisley to the relevant section at the canal.

Councillor Will Mylet said: “This should be an amazing event with thousands of Independence supporters turning out to form a human chain to show their support for Scottish Independence.

“I would encourage every Independence supporter to join with us, it’s for a few hours and will show the strength of feeling for Scottish Independence.

“Support for Scottish Independence has remained steady in the polls and is currently ahead of those who want to remain shackled to Westminster and perpetual Tory rule. Events such as the Chain of Freedom, inspired by the human chains used by Baltic countries such as Estonia as they fought for their independence from Russia, will show politicians of all parties that we’re not going away.

“If anyone wishes to join us – and wants a place on our bus – then go to the Yes Paisley facebook page and leave us a message. The bus is filling up fast so don’t wait until the last minute!”.

More information can be found at

Headline image: A screen shot from Google maps of where supporters will meet on Saturday

By Ricky Kelly

Main writer for Renfrewshire News

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