Knowing where to start when it comes to mortgages and buying a new home can be daunting. With many house-hunters now getting ready to consider a move to a new home next year, Taylor Wimpey in Scotland is always looking for fresh ways to help.

With that in mind, it has joined forces with First Mortgage to create an Understanding Mortgages podcast that will drop at 6pm on Monday 4th December 2023.

This helpful podcast aims to bring house-hunters across east and west of Scotland up to date with the latest news and advice on how to get on the move to a new home; and to dispel some of the
myths that still exist about finding the right mortgage.

To register to receive a free link to the podcast, click here. Interested house-hunters can also register questions they would like answered by an independent mortgage specialist from First
Mortgage as part of this podcast.

As house-hunters turn their attention to making plans to move next year, Taylor Wimpey’s podcast is an ideal opportunity to take the mystery out of getting a mortgage to buy a new home, as Audrey Ross, sales and marketing director for Taylor Wimpey West Scotland, explains: “An independent mortgage specialist, is uniquely positioned to guide buyers through the mortgage process.
“They can use their expert knowledge to ensure that all the information required is gathered and checked before an application is even made and that the right mortgage product is selected
depending on the applicant’s circumstances.

“Our customers tell us that they find it incredibly helpful when we put them in touch with one of our independent mortgage specialists, so our podcast is a way of bringing potential buyers up-to-speed and demystify the process.

“People who register to receive the podcast when it drops on 4 December at 6pm, also have the chance to ask questions. We hope that our Understanding Mortgages podcast is a convenient way
for prospective house-hunters to do their financial research before popping along to one of our developments.”

Kirsty McGill, sales and marketing director for Taylor Wimpey East Scotland adds: “Our Understanding Mortgages podcast aims to take the mystery out of getting a mortgage to buy a new

“Through educating buyers and offering free, impartial advice, we aim to demonstrate that owning a new home is achievable and makes a sound, long-term investment. It’s an ideal way for prospective buyers to fully understand the current mortgage market and what it means for them.

“With a choice of new homes at an impressive range of developments across Scotland, we helped hundreds of buyers to move to a new home last year. Right now, we want to play our part in
providing house hunters with clear and helpful information to guide them through the process of buying a new home now and into next year.

“We want to make sure they have all the up-to-date information about getting the right mortgage for them so they can make their next move confidently.”

Adele Crookston from First Mortgage adds: “We want to keep markets moving and to support clients who want to get on the property ladder or make that next move. But prospective home buyers must do their homework to ensure they are financially ready to buy a new home, and as mortgage specialists, we can help them do that.

“For many first-time buyers or those who haven’t moved in a while, sourcing a mortgage that fits their criteria can feel overwhelming. But that’s where our expertise steps in to support clients and
to help them make the right choices for them. We hope that house hunters will register to receive the podcast when it drops on 4 December at 6.00pm and take the opportunity to ask us anything they are unsure about. We’re really happy to help.”

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