Malin Group have launched their latest festive campaign, asking primary school aged children in Renfrewshire to put on their STEM thinking cap, and design a structure for the festive break.

The scheme was piloted with Lorne Street Primary in Glasgow, last year, with one lucky winner seeing their design turned into a 8metre high structure. The

The winner and all of their classmates were involved in this process, with the initial drawing transformed into a CAD drawing, and then 3D printed, before having the opportunity to visit the Group’s fabrication facilities, where it had been fabricated and finished, ready to be placed at their Head Quarters in Govan Glasgow in early December for all to come and see.

The project represents the latest in a line of STEM based activities, that the Group have run since establishing their Malin Young Engineers initiative in 2020. The Glasgow based firm carry out heavy lift and marine engineering projects across the globe, having grown considerably over the past decade. They are however aware of a limited local supply of people interested in working in this sector, and Malin Young Engineers was the result; encouraging the next generation to think about a career in the marine sector, to reinvigorate shipbuilding, re-energise the Clyde and have a positive impact on our local economy and climate to boot.

Helenor Fisher, Director of Marketing and Business Development for the Group noted, “We have been working with a number of primary classes for a few years now and it is amazing to see the energy, drive and creativity the next generation has. Our engineers have thoroughly enjoyed visiting schools and having kids at our premises and we are very excited to launch the competition this year at a national level.”

“The competition is also a perfect fit for the Malin Group. Our team span all elements of marine engineering and naval architecture, from early design and feasibility studies, to fabrication, specialist welding, blasting and painting and transportation.

“We were therefore well placed to take last years snowflake concept, and turn it into a well-engineered, fully blasted and painted steel structure. So please do make sure if you are in Glasgow to come and see last years winning structure, which showcases the creativity of our young engineers and talent of our team.”

The competition is open to all children in primary classes 1 to 6, with full details available on the Groups website:

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