A local councillor says he is “delighted” that all parties united within Renfrewshire Council and backed Wave Trust’s 70/30 campaign.

Scottish Conservative Councillor David McGonigle brought forward a motion at a full meeting of Renfrewshire Council which was unanimously supported.

The backing means Renfrewshire Council are now the ninth council in Scotland to have shown their support for the campaign.

The campaign is designed to ensure measures are in place to reduce adverse childhood experiences, such as abuse by 70 per cent by 2030.

Councillor McGonigle’s motion highlighted the campaign’s importance in reducing “entrenched” health and income inequalities, which can often lead to these adverse experiences.

The passing of the motion means officials will give an update at a future meeting on how the council are working to reduce childhood trauma and abuse in Renfrewshire and how a trauma-informed approach can be embedded with relevant local services.

Councillor McGonigle, who is also his group’s spokesperson on education says that the backing represents a “vital” step forward in highlighting these issues and says that it is crucial that organisations supporting young people with adverse experiences have all the resources they need.

Councillor David McGonigle said: “I was delighted that this motion secured cross-party support and rose above party politics.

“I have been keenly following the Wave Trust’s 70/30 campaign and wanted to ensure Renfrewshire Council added our support.

“Sadly too many children in our communities are still suffering adverse or traumatic experiences in their formative years. That is why the Wave Trust’s campaign is so important, especially as it highlights the entrenched reasons for many of these adverse experiences.

“I am pleased the passing of this motion will mean officials will go away and work on a report to show what action we are taking as a council to reduce the number of adverse experiences in Renfrewshire.

“The motion will raise awareness of these issues and is a vital step forward. It is crucial that those services and organisations supporting children suffering abuse and trauma have all the support they need.”

Headline image: A promotional image from the 70/30 campaign

By Ricky Kelly

Main writer for Renfrewshire News

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