Shopmobility Renfrewshire, formerly Shopmobility Paisley & District, has been reviewing the services it provides to people with mobility problems in Renfrewshire and one of the key services the charity will now provide is more focus on is being an advocate for anyone with a mobility problem.

Although the charity has been doing this informally, it is now using its connections within various networks such as the Ren SEN (Renfrewshire Social Enterprise Network) and the council’s Town Centre and Villages Accessibility Forum, making sure that issues such as the need for dropped kerbs etc are raised.

This also included both the charity’s Treasurer, Margaret Dymond, and its Office Manager and Funding Officer, Karen Miller, taking part in the Scottish Parliament’s Summit to mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities event on Saturday 25th November.

Councillor Kenny MacLaren, Chair of Shopmobility Renfrewshire said: “One of our key roles as Shopmobility Renfrewshire was to provide an advocacy service for our members and anyone else in Renfrewshire who has a mobility problem.”

Karen Miller Office Manager and Fundraising Officer of Shopmobility Renfrewshire added: “We are involved in more and more networks and are using our role to advocate on behalf of our members and everyone in Renfrewshire with a mobility problem. It’s important that their voices are heard so that any plans for the future reflect of their needs.

“It was great to take part in the Summit to mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities, and it was good of the Scottish Parliament to open up this event to groups like ours which have so much experience and knowledge in this area. We were happy to contribute to this Summit and will continue raising our voices whenever we can for those with mobility problems.”

By Ricky Kelly

Main writer for Renfrewshire News

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