Renfrewshire News articles on Kenny MacLaren

SNP Councillor welcomes increase in fines for littering
A local councillor has welcomed an increase in fines for littering from Renfrewshire’s community wardens. Read more
Renfrewshire to have more control over buses, double parking and parking on pavements with proposed new laws
Renfrewshire Council may receive new powers after The Transport (Scotland) Bill was introduced to the Scottish Parliament. Read more
Councillor encourages applications for Retail Improvement Scheme
Renfrewshire Council has opened the application process for the Retail Improvement Scheme. Read more
Councillor condemns pavement parking in Paisley
A local councillor has spoken out about continuous poor parking within his ward. Read more
Councillor encourages residents to access Fire Safety Visits
A Paisley councillor is encouraging groups and individuals to get involved in the many campaigns on fire safety organised by our local Fire and Rescue Services. Read more
Renfrewshire councillors have refused a planning application from a developer to demolish the iconic Half Time School in Paisley, which was due to be replaced by 40 flats. The School opened in 1887 to provide education to children who worked in Ferguslie Mills, this building is a key link... Read more
Councillor calls for new Pedestrian Crossing on Greenhill Road
A local Councillor is asking the Council to revisit plans for a new Pedestrian Crossing on Greenhill Road, Paisley. Read more
A local councillor is asking community groups and local charities across Paisley and Renfrewshire to think about what they could do with up to £20,000 this year. Read more
Don’t forget Paisley’s own bard, Robert Tannahill this Burns night
SNP councillor, Kenny MacLaren, is reminding Paisley Buddies celebrating Burns Night not to forget Paisley’s own bard Robert Tannahill. Read more
Underwood Lane residents ‘team up to clean up’
Underwood Lane residents in the West End of Paisley, all be it in small numbers, took to the streets in support of Renfrewshire Councils drive to clean up our inner cities and surrounding areas. Read more