A radio DJ has been convicted of lashing out at the home of his former partner.

Angus ‘Gus’ MacLean, 57, repeatedly shouted and banged on the front door of Jennifer MacLean, 52, in Glasgow’s Springburn on 28th April 2023.

MacLean was enraged after his belongings which included his DJ equipment was left outside her home.

Jennifer stated that she put them there after McLean went on a work trip to Majorca with a woman he knew.

She claimed that she warned MacLean that the relationship would be over if the woman was there with him.

A tearful MacLean was heard to shout “open the door” and “this is my home” as well as threats to call the police.

MacLean was convicted at Glasgow Sheriff Court of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner.

He was fined £470 and subject to a non-harassment order restricting his contact with Jennifer.

MacLean presented breakfast show on the now defunct Pulse 98.4 radio station which broadcasted from Barrhead in East Renfrewshire.

He went on an on-air outburst in 2022 after East Renfrewshire Council requested the return of the station’s high school base.

MacLean, who was also the station’s chairman, described council staff as “morons” and “plebs.”

Mr Maclean singled out two employees, describing one as “a third-rate solicitor” because she had attended Strathclyde University.

Email addresses of council staff were also shared during the broadcast, with listeners urged to “go and email the pleb now,” in reference to the estates team leader.

The trial heard that his 14-year relationship with Jennifer came to an end a week before he went on holiday to Majorca.

Jennifer stated that she expected MacLean to visit after coming off his flight to collect his belongings.

She claimed that MacLean had made earlier efforts to contact her but she did not answer the phone.

Jennifer told the court that she had friends with her at her home which included SNP councillor Anne McTaggart as she feared MacLean would get violent.

The witness stated that they put MacLean’s belongings outside the front door which was recorded by a video doorbell.

She claimed that the belongings included things which were “important to him” such as CD equipment for his work and anything he needed for his employment.

Prosecutor Danielle McGuiness asked Jennifer why she installed the camera and she replied: “I was scared.”

MacLean attended at the property and was told by Jennifer over the video doorbell that the pair had “finished.”

He was also asked to take his stuff and leave.

Jennifer said: “Things became gradually worse – he was banging on the door and the whole building was shaking.

“I wasn’t sure whether he was going to come in and if the door came in I don’t know how he would react.

“My friends are women in their fifties. I thought if he came through the door ‘what am I going to do?'”

Jennifer added that the “thumping” on the door with his fists lasted 20 to 30 minutes.

Miss McGuinness asked why Jennifer did not open the door and she replied: “I was scared.”

She said: “He was shouting my name, telling me to open the door.

“I recall him saying to Vivian on the phone that I had flipped and I needed sectioned – he was talking as if I was a child.

“At one point he shouted that the police were coming to get me…he phoned me and I didn’t answer the phone.”

Miss McGuinness asked who Vivian was and she replied: “One of his colleagues he went to Majorca with.”

CCTV of the incident from the video doorbell was played to the court.

An upset MacLean was seen on the phone to say: “All my stuff, my DJ booth is all here.”

The doorbell was fell to the floor which was then put back by MacLean.

Jennifer also denied claims made by MacLean that the property was “my home.”

The witness stated that MacLean lived in a separate property in the city’s Cardonald.

Jennifer added that she changed the locks on the door so that she could “get on with my life.”

Haroun Malik, defending, asked the witness if the relationship ended due to who MacLean was with when working abroad.

She replied: “I said if that person was going we were finished.”

The lawyer questioned if Jennifer didn’t reply to her messages it would have been a shock to MacLean that they had finished.

She replied: “The person went, so it was finished – he did know it was finished. He made a video mocking me.”

By Connor Gordon

Renfrewshire News Court Reporter

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