Rock star singer Davey Pattison always knew there would be teething problems when he started his new band.

But he didn’t reckon on James Nevans playing the drums so hard one of his front teeth regularly FALLS OUT in the middle of a gig.

James joined The Davey Pattison Band when the Paisley singer returned to Scotland after spending 40 years in America playing huge arenas and stadiums as lead vocalist with rock groups like Gamma and the Robin Trower Band, as well as releasing two solo albums in the States.

Enthusiastic drummer, James usually starts performing with a full set of gnashers, but reckons the vibrations created when battering his drum kit causes the tooth to fall out and he’s left to finish the set with a toothless grin.

The offending tooth is a dental crown that has come loose and for the past few months James has been buying dental cement and pushing the tooth back into place hoping this would solve the problem without needing a potentially painful trip to the dentist

Now, his bandmates have been urging James, 50, to bite the bullet and visit a dentist to get to the root of the problem before their next gig at The Bungalow, in Paisley on June 29.

James said: “It’s quite embarrassing having to spit out the tooth that’s come loose in the middle of a song and I’m left with this gap at the front of my mouth.

“It’s happened at quite a few gigs now and after each time, I cover the post in dental cement, push it back in and think I’ve sorted the problem myself.

“When we’re rehearsing I don’t even bother keeping the tooth in and just pull it out until we’re finished.”

Photo: Drummer James Nevans playing with The Davey Pattison Band

Photo: Davey Pattison back in Scotland with a new band after spending 40 years in America

Davey Pattison joked: “You always get teething problems when you start a new band, but what’s going on with James is ridiculous! Although, give him his due, when his tooth does fall out he never misses a beat.

“He’s a great drummer and he gives it all he’s got when playing, but no one wants to see a tooth flying through the air in the middle of our set.

“And to crown it all would be one of the guys in the band getting clouted in the back of the head with James’s tooth.

“I really hope he gets it sorted for the gig at The Bungalow later this month.”

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Headline image: Drummer James Nevans, right with his front tooth that falls out during gigs and rock singer Davey Pattison

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