Renfrewshire News articles on Kenny MacLaren

Councillor calls for new Pedestrian Crossing on Greenhill Road
A local Councillor is asking the Council to revisit plans for a new Pedestrian Crossing on Greenhill Road, Paisley. Read more
A local councillor is asking community groups and local charities across Paisley and Renfrewshire to think about what they could do with up to £20,000 this year. Read more
Don’t forget Paisley’s own bard, Robert Tannahill this Burns night
SNP councillor, Kenny MacLaren, is reminding Paisley Buddies celebrating Burns Night not to forget Paisley’s own bard Robert Tannahill. Read more
Underwood Lane residents ‘team up to clean up’
Underwood Lane residents in the West End of Paisley, all be it in small numbers, took to the streets in support of Renfrewshire Councils drive to clean up our inner cities and surrounding areas. Read more
Community groups and charities can apply for help with energy costs
A local councillor, Kenny MacLaren has highlighted a project by energy company EON where community groups can apply for help with their energy costs. Read more
Public consultation shows strong support for Paisley’s West End regeneration plans
Residents and business owners in Paisley’s West End have shown strong support for plans to regenerate the area. Read more
Councillor hits out at selfish drivers who block pavements
A local councillor has hit out at drivers who have been parking on a Paisley street as selfish, blocking the way for pedestrians and those who have mobility aids. Read more
Firstport, Scotland’s development agency for social entrepreneurs and social enterprise, is searching for the next round of Scottish social innovators. Read more
Renfrewshire receives £46m for new affordable housing
Renfrewshire Council has been allocated £46 million from the Scottish Government for new affordable housing. Read more
Council meeting discuss Renfrewshire tower block safety
Renfrewshire Council has held a meeting regarding the safety of Renfrewshire’s high rise blocks. Read more