It has been revealed that the old Paton’s Mill may be knocked down to build new houses and shops.

The news, published in Today local Gazette newspaper reveals ambitious proposals that could see a large part of the remaining factory flattened and converted into 79 new homes and retail units.

Sadly in 2010 the factory was nearly destroyed by a massive fire. It’s thought the six-storey mill, built in 1782, is believed to be the world’s oldest surviving machine factory.

George Kennedy, secretary of Johnstone Community Council, said the plans were a “fantastic opportunity” to create an attractive entrance to Johnstone town centre.

“The entrances into Johnstone are a disgrace and paint a very poor picture of the town. They are untidy and uncared for.

“I believe Johnstone is on the up and really progressing but we still need to make the entrance more attractive.

“Putting more shops in will also help to keep the area alive and deter youths from hanging around the area.”

You can read the full article and interview at the Gazette website.

By Ricky Kelly

Main writer for Renfrewshire News

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