A bus driver is on trial accused of killing a pedestrian by running him over.

Christopher Irwin, 46, allegedly caused the death of Kevin McFadden near Glasgow’s Langside on 12th February, 2020.

Court papers state Irwin, of Paisley, Renfrewshire, was driving without due care and attention on a double decker bus.

It is claimed that he failed to make proper observations of the road including pedestrians such as Mr McFadden.

The charge says Mr McFadden approached and crossed at the junction of Battlefield Road and Brisbane Street.

Irwin is stated to have executed a right turning manoeuvre from Battlefield Road into Brisbane Street when it was unsafe to do so.

The allegations say Irwin continued to fail to make proper observations of the road users and entered Brisbane Street when it was unsafe to do so.

Iwrin allegedly did not give priority to pedestrians including Mr McFadden who was crossing and caused the bus to collide with him whereby he was so severely injured that he died.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard from Natalie Scott who stated in evidence she was a passenger on the top deck of a number six bus driven by Irwin around 9.30am.

She said: “As the driver slowed down to take the turn, as he was turning, I was aware there was an impact at first, I thought there was a car but there wasn’t.

The witness added she got a “bit of a fright.”

She stated: “Then, I didn’t think it was a car because the bus went over something.

“I jumped out my side and saw the man lying on the ground.”

The witness told jurors she ran down the stairs and went to the exit door.

She said: “The driver was visibly distressed in a state of shock.

“The driver said ‘where the f*** did he come from?’

“I told him I didn’t know and that needs help and an ambulance.”

Miss Scott stated she saw a man lying on the road and called an ambulance.

Prosecutor Harry Findlay put it to the witness that she told police in a statement at the scene that Irwin had said: “He just came out of nowhere.”

The witness stated that she knew there was a swear word in what she was told.

Mr Dow asked if there was anything out of the ordinary which took place prior to the incident.

Miss McGowan: “…my experience was it was a very safe journey, I didn’t feel at risk – there was nothing beforehand.”

She added that there was “absolutely nothing” in relation to concern about the manner of driving.

Kelly McGowan, 30, earlier told jurors that a man with fair long hair and a five o’clock shadow approached her car on the middle of the road as she slowed towards a red traffic light on Battlefield Road.

The witness stated the man did not cross the road and walked by the car on the driver’s side before going out of view.

Miss McGowan told Euan Dow, defending, that the man did not look before crossing the road.

The advocate asked: “What did you think he was doing?”

Miss McGowan: “I wasn’t sure but when he started walking towards the car I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.

“That’s why I was a bit frightened.”

Miss McGowan stated she went to police after she heard a plea for witnesses on the radio.

The trial continues tomorrow before Sheriff Brian Cameron.

By Connor Gordon

Renfrewshire News Court Reporter

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