A drugged-up thug brutally attacked a four-year-old girl.

Sean Lochrie left the child with “life threatening injuries” while she was in his care at a property in Paisley between 28th and 29th October 2022.

The 33-year-old suffocated the girl and left her almost naked on the floor.

He then called the police to report there was an unknown female in his house.

Lochrie later told officers that he “f***ed up” after officers stated that it was the same girl.

Lochrie pled guilty today at the High Court in Glasgow to assaulting the girl to her severe injury and to the danger of her life.

He had made a video call to his father’s partner at 3pm that day where the girl appeared “well and uninjured.”

Lochrie called police at 3.15am saying there was a “naked female” lying on his floor who he was unfamiliar with.

He stated to the call handler that it “could be” the four-year-old girl.

It was noted that Lochrie was slurring his words and rambling.

Lochrie also stated that he did not know where the four-year-old was or when “the switch” happened.”

Lochrie was told to wake up the girl.

Prosecutor Lorraine Glancy KC told the High Court in Glasgow: “The officer could hear a young girl crying in a distressed manner as if in pain.”

Lochrie was heard to say: “What age are you, do you have a drug problem?”

Police were allowed entry to the property by Lochrie who officers believed was under the influence of an unknown substance.

Miss Glancy: “Officers entered the bedroom and found the young child later identified as the four-year-old girl lying naked on the floor.

“She was lying on her side with her face turned towards the door.

“She naked except a purple pyjama t-shirt pulled up to the neck which had a hole in it and dried blood on it. She was shaking uncontrollably.”

The girl was noted to have a red mark on her left eye and bruising to her forehead as well as puffy swollen lips.

She also had grab marks to her left arm while her right arm was in an “unnatural position” under her body.

The girl said: “I feel sick, I’m sore…my stomach is really sore, [Lochrie] hit me.”

Lochrie meantime continued to proclaim that it was not the four-year-old girl.

He said: “I don’t know who that is, look at her teeth, she has falsers.”

Lochrie was asked to show pictures of the four-year-old and one taken earlier that night was of the same girl.

He also showed a video of the girl asking to go to the toilet.

When told it was the same girl, Lochrie replied: “I f***ed up.”

Lochrie was arrested and told officers: “I was the only one in the house, it was all a blur.”

He later gave a “no comment” interview when quizzed.

The girl was taken to hospital where it was found that she suffered bruising to her face, ears head and eyes.

Miss Glancy: “The pattern of the injuries to her face and ears were most likely inflicted with significant force.”

The eye injuries “could indicate severe chest compression, or local skin pressure on her face such as suffocation.”

Miss Glancy added: “In addition to the life threatening face and neck injuries, she sustained two broken arms.

“The doctor considers it is likely that a significant or twisting force would have been applied to both arms to cause these injuries or fall onto outstretched upper limbs after being thrown may have caused these injuries.”

A urine tests also returned positive for cocaine “which could have only have been ingested whilst in the care of Lochrie.”

Fortunately, the girl has made a “good physical recovery” from her injuries but refuses to speak of the night’s events.

Iain McSporran KC, defending, told the court that Lochrie has “no recollection of events.”

The advocate added: “He is an open man completely unable to believe what he did.

“This is something he will have to live with and has to be significantly punished.

“He was genuinely convinced that this was not the four-year-old girl.

“The only comfort to him while on remand is that thankfully the physical injuries have been healed.”

It was revealed that Lochrie has previous convictions for drugs, possession of a weapon and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Judge Lord Weir told Lochrie that it was an “extremely serious charge” and the narrative was “obviously concerning.”

Sentence was deferred until next month at the High Court in Edinburgh pending background reports and Lochrie had his remand in custody continued meantime.

By Connor Gordon

Renfrewshire News Court Reporter

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