A former care worker has been convicted of historic abuse at a children’s home.

Alan Smyth, 64, preyed on two girls aged between 10 and 12 between 1979 and 1981.

A jury heard “sleezy” Smyth worked at Nazareth House care home in Glasgow’s Cardonald at the time.

Smyth inappropriately touched one of the girls in their bed and also washed her at bath time.

The second woman also claimed that she was washed by Smyth which made her feel “uncomfortable.”

The brave victims, now as adults, attended court to give evidence and received justice after waiting more than 40 years.

Smyth, of Linwood, Renfrewshire, was found guilty to three charges of lewd, indecent and libidinous practices and behaviour.

He was also convicted of one charge of indecent assault.

One of the women stated Smyth entered her bedroom, went under her covers and “touched me where he shouldn’t.”

The woman said she did not move and stayed still.

She did not talk about the incident to anyone.

She described Smyth as being “sleezy” who tried to wash her at bath time.

Mr Allan said: “He would wash her back, chest and her whole body.”

Smyth would also use a towel on her body and legs.

The second woman stated Smyth would wash her as a child with a sponge or face cloth.

Mr Allan said: “He would wash all over her back and body which made her feel uncomfortable.

“She said that she just did what she was told.”

Smyth told the court in his evidence that the women were lying and claimed to have been friends with them.

Sentence was deferred pending background reports until next month by Sheriff Daniel Kelly.

Smyth was put on the sex offenders register and granted bail meantime.

By Connor Gordon

Renfrewshire News Court Reporter

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