The Care Inspectorate has published glowing new reports for Kibble’s Adult Placement Services (APS) and Intensive Fostering Services (IFS).

Both services were graded “very good” for how they support people’s wellbeing and “excellent” for how the care and support is planned by the national body – the highest rank achievable in the Care Inspectorate’s assessment system.

Kibble supports at risk children and young people (aged 5-26) across the UK. Many of the young people it cares for have experienced significant trauma in their lives and Kibble offers care and support to help them move forward. This includes residential and community support, as well as dedicated schools and wellbeing services.

Operating out of hubs in west and central Scotland, IFS recruits and supports foster carers to provide foster care and short breaks to young people aged 5-18 while APS supports young people who remain living with their fostering family on a continuing care basis after turning 18. All young people have access to specialist support from Kibble’s wider services.

The recent reports feedback on inspections carried out in November and December 2023, when inspectors spoke with people using the services, as well as their families and friends, alongside Kibble staff, caregivers and external professionals.

A trauma informed model of care and highly individualised, responsive and flexible support for caregivers and young people were amongst the highest praise of Kibble staff from the Care Inspectorate. Inspectors also said Kibble effectively drove improvements in its IFS and APS, implementing robust processes and fully engaging young people in planning their own care.

One foster carer interviewed as part of the inspection said: “The children are asked and encouraged to be involved in everything that concerns them, their voice and opinions matter most of all.”

The reports further highlighted both services were excellent at developing innovative solutions to ensure children and young people could learn and achieve to their fullest potential while focusing on celebrating success to ensure outcomes-focused planning.

Additionally, the report on APS specifically praised Kibble’s continuing care with committed caregivers which enabled young people to develop key life skills for their future.

Kibble chief executive, Jim Gillespie, said: “It is testament to the hard work and dedication of our teams to have both Intensive Fostering Services and Adult Placement Services recognised as sector leading by the Care Inspectorate. The reports clearly demonstrate we have raised the standards of care and are providing continuity from early years to adulthood for optimal results.

“We continue to invest in our services to further enhance our offering and to reach more families and young people across Scotland and beyond.”

Sandy Mayhew, director of community services, said: “At Kibble we value our carers highly in line with the Promise message that ‘Scotland must hold the hands of those who hold the hand of the child’. It’s vitally important our carers are well prepared and supported to ensure young people get the best possible care.

“We are particularly proud of our immersive training and support offered to our network of foster caregivers which is uniquely trauma informed to provide specialist care to young people. It is highly rewarding to witness breakthroughs and facilitate compassionate relationships for families.”

Kibble offers a unique innovative package for people looking to get involved with foster care, including full training, qualifications, generous fostering fees and allowances, alongside 24/7 dedicated support from the charities experienced fostering team.

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Headline image: Jim Gillespie – Kibble chief executive

By Ricky Kelly

Main writer for Renfrewshire News

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