It’s summer activity time again and we have brought together a fantastic choice of outdoor activities for you to take part in.

We have added some new activities and new venues to this year’s programme as well as re-visiting some old favourites.

This year, we also have different difficulty levels for activities with Beginner Days and Intermediate Level sessions. So we can offer fresh challenges to each participant – whether this is your first time with us or you have lots of experience, we have something to challenge everyone.

You can download a booking form by clicking on this link:

Summer Outdoor Activities 2015: Booking Form (pdf)

Send your completed form to:

Scott Macdonald
Sports Development
c/o West Primary School
Newton Street
Paisley PA1 2RL

For more information, you can or call 0141 889 1110.


Please remember: water activities will involve getting wet you should come prepared and bring a towel and change of clothes in order to travel back on the minibus. No change of clothes means you cannot come on the activity.


Rock climbing

We have three dates at three different venues with three levels of difficulty – each date offers a different experience and type of rock, as well as a different height. Beginner sessions will suit all, but for intermediate days, you must have some rock climbing experience.

Date and time Activity Venue
7 July (10am – 3pm) Climbing – beginner Neilston
14 July (10am – 3pm) Climbing – intermediate 1 Auchenstarry
21 July (10am – 3pm) Climbing – intermediate 2 Bennybegg


Gorge walking

We have three dates with three different venues and challenges. The beginner gorge is mostly dry (just waterproofs and wellies needed) but the more challenging gorges need wetsuits as full immersion is likely.

Date and time Activity Venue
8 July (10am – 3pm) Gorge walking – beginner Rhu
15 July (10am – 2pm) Gorge walking – intermediate 1 Neilston
22 July (10am – 2pm) Gorge walking – intermediate 2 TBC


Mountain biking

The beginner session offers an introduction to mountain biking skills and techniques while  intermediate days involve longer rides and bigger hills, with some fun downhill sections. These days require the ability to confidently ride a bike on off-road terrain so please do not book for this activity unless you can.

Date and time Activity Venue
9 July (10am – 2pm) Mountain biking – beginner Mugdock
16 July (10am – 4pm) Mountain biking – intermediate 1 Neilston
23 July (10am – 2pm) Mountain biking – intermediate 2 TBC


Raft building

A great, fun team-building session that develops teamwork and communication skills. Learn how to tie knots and how to paddle whilst getting wet.

Date and time Activity Venue
28 July (10am – 2pm) Raft building Neilston
4 August (10am – 2pm) Raft building Neilston



This is a new activity in our programme and offers a chance to explore the Succoth boulder field (its kind of like over-ground caving) with fun climbs and tight squeezes in the rocks above Arrochar.

Date and time Activity Venue
29 July (10am – 3pm) Scrambling Succoth
5 August (10am – 3pm) Scrambling Succoth


Hill walking

Two days of hill walking – one nice and easy introductory day and one that should offer a bit more of a challenge. Two nice days out seeing different hill ranges.


Date and time Activity Venue
30 July (10am – 3pm) Hill walking – beginner Wangie
6 August (10am – 2pm) Hill walking – intermediate TBC


How do I book?

Fill in the application form and return it either by email or post to the address above.

How old do I need to be?

The programme is for Primary 7 to Secondary Year 6 pupils. However, some of the more advanced activities may not be suitable for younger children with little or no experience.

How many places can I book?

There is no limit on the number of space you can book and places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

What if I’m not sure about an activity?

Some activities involve going on a journey (such as biking, hill walking and gorge walking) and so need 100% involvement. Please do not book a place on this type of activity unless you are 100% confident in your ability to take part.

What should I bring?

You should bring a complete change of clothes, a towel, a packed lunch and any medication that you my need for the day.

Where do I go?

All activities will start and finish at the Sport Services offices in the West Primary School, Newton St, Paisley PA1 2RL.

What if my child wishes to be on the same day / activity as their friend or sibling?

Please try to send / email all booking forms together if you are making a booking for more than one person and also please indicate on the form who they wish to be with.