SNP candidate Robert Innes for Houston, Crosslee and Linwood has pledged to make community engagement a top priority if elected in this Thursday’s council elections.

The SNP group in Renfrewshire have emphasised that strengthening support for local communities can only be achieved by engaging with the people within that community.

Innes feels that the SNP already have a strong track record of engaging local communities with the introduction of Local Area Committees, the Greener Renfrewshire campaign and also the introduction of the public petitions system.

Photo: Mhairi Black helping Robert out with campaigning last month.

The Scottish Government has also introduced the Community Empowerment act which will give community groups a chance to be involved in real decisions that impact their communities.

Robert Innes, who’s co-candidate is Audrey Doig said: “I hope to be able to encourage community groups to use the community empowerment act and make real decisions that will improve the area. Nobody knows better what they need than the people themselves.

“The Community empowerment act gives communities the option to transfer derelict land into the hands of the community. It also gives residents the chance to have direct control over how public money is spent through Participatory budgeting.
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“I think it’s fantastic that residents can have an input on what happens to land and how money is spent in their community. I’m sure many decisions we have seen in the past by out of touch politicians could have been avoided if the public had a better input on these big decisions that impact entire communities.

“If I am successful tomorrow I am really looking forward to working alongside local community groups to see what we can achieve together through the opportunities the community empowerment act brings.”

Council elections take place tomorrow, Thursday 4th May, and polls are open from 7am until 10pm.