Renfrewshire’s roads are set to undergo major transformation as the full programme of resurfacing works for 2018/19 was announced.

The £7.2million programme represents the single biggest investment in Renfrewshire’s road network and will be delivered as part of the continuing physical and economic regeneration of the area.

86 roads across the region are set to be resurfaced as part of a programme which will see every community in Renfrewshire recognise the benefit.

The resurfacing of 46 footways will also take place across the area, as well as a further 33 roads being surface dressed or patched to protect them against future deterioration.

The investment will have a particular focus on undertaking high quality repairs and includes an increased resource commitment to post-repair inspections.

Councillor Cathy McEwan, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Infrastructure, Land and Environment Policy Board, said: “We recognise the importance of the roads network to those who live and work in Renfrewshire and have designed a programme that ensures every community will see a benefit in their area.

“This is the single biggest investment this Council has ever made in our roads and outlines our commitment to providing a network that is fit for purpose.

“We will ensure that high quality repairs are a key focus of the programme and are investing in a robust inspection system to ensure this investment makes a tangible difference and the quality of our roads continues to improve throughout 2018/19.”

The resurfacing work will be complimented by an ongoing programme of pot hole repairs which will ensure the roads network remains operational following the impact of unprecedented severe weather over the winter.

Below is the list of resurfacing work due to take place during 2018/19 as part of the £7.2million roads investment programme.

These are in no particular order and are subject to change due to emergency works or higher priorities emerge.

Carriageway resurfacing 2018/19

Location Town Area (m2)
A726 Greenock Road/Caledonia St (E/B Lane) Paisley 1480
A726 Lonend (WIB Ardgowan St to Thread St) Paisley 2044
A726 S/B at Centreholm (Dual C/Way Section) Erskine 1679
A741 Ferry Road (Canal St to Orchard Rd) Renfrew 960
A741 Paisley Road (Broadloan to Cockels Loan) Renfrew 5520
A741 Renfrew Road (at Mirren Court) Paisley 1645
A741 Renfrew Road (at West College) Paisley 1200
A761 Bridge of Weir Road Linwood 2672
A761 Canal Street (Eastbound) Paisley 5808
A761 Glasgow Road (1) Paisley 5110
A761 Glasgow Road (2) Paisley 4015
A761 Linwood Road (W/B East Ave to West Ave) Paisley 4708
A761 Linwood Road Barskiven to Saturn) Paisley 3600
A8 Glebe Street (Part) Renfrew 4080
A8 Greenock Road (at Ferry Rd Junction) Bishopton 2870
A8 Greenock Road (at Good Shepherd Home) Bishopton 3105
A8 Greenock Road (Part) Inchinnan 6600
Ardgryffe Crescent (Part) Houston 3456
B775 Gleniffer Road (at Foxbar Road) Paisley 1902
B786 High Street (Part) Lochwinnoch 1547
B787 Beith Road (Hallhill Rd to 30mph Gateway) Johnstone 3431
B787 Kilbarchan Road (Ladeside Dr to Quarrelton Rd) Johnstone 1440
B789 Barochan Road (at Barbeg Cottage) Langbank 3349
B789 Barochan Road (Deafhillock to Interchange) Johnstone 2320
B789 Barochan Road Interchange Johnstone 3015
B789 Stepends Road Lochwinnoch 5222
B790 Houston Road Bridge of Weir 5020
B790 Houston Road (Dargavel Bridge) Houston 3136
B790 Houston Road (Part) Houston 5292
B791 Sandy Road (Cockelsloan to Newmains) Renfrew 2028
B815 Erskine Ferry Road (Part) Bishopton 2800
B815 Ferry Road Bishopton 3744
Barhill Road (various sections) Erskine 2000
Ben Lui Drive / Ben Wyvis Drive Paisley 1792
Braehead Lochwinnoch 1296
Bridge of Weir Road Houston 4672
Broadloan Renfrew 3692
Broomlands Street (William St to George St) Paisley 3008
C10 Bridesmill Road (at Barnaigh Rd) Lochwinnoch 2767
C11 Torr Road (Horsewood Rd to Craigbet Rd) Bridge of Weir 1440
C15 Penilee Road (A726 Junction to 30mph Gateway) Paisley 3290
C20 Blackstoun Road Paisley 1790
C22 Old Greenock Road Langbank 2856
C22 Old Greenock Road (A8 jct to Ladyacres) Inchinnan 2706
C23 Foxbar Road Paisley 2738
C4 Bridge Street Linwood 3084
C5 Easwaldbank Kilbarchan 1980
C5 Kilbarchan Road Kilbarchan 150
C5 Kilbarchan Road Bridge of Weir 976
C5 Locher Road (Forehouse Rd to Bridge) Kilbarchan 4761
C6 Kilbbleston Road Kilbarchan 2267
C67 Arkleston Road Gallowhill Rd to Double R/A) Paisley 1000
C7 Love Street Paisley 2288
C70 Donaldswood Road (Part) Paisley 1995
C70 Park Road Paisley 2600
C73 Hawkhead Road (Seedhill Rd to Cemetery) Paisley 2970
C75 Seedhill Road (Lacy Street to Hawkhead Road) Paisley 4050
Cawdor Crescent Bishopton 806
Cross Road Paisley 1840
Dennistoun Road Langbank 1250
Fairway Avenue (Iona Dr to Grampian Ave) Paisley 1904
George Street (Wardrop St to Barr Pl) Paisley 2275
Green Road (Station Rd to Cardell Rd) Paisley 1931
Hazelwood Road (Montrose Terr to Kilgraston Rd) Bridge of Weir 1833
Hollows Avenue Paisley 3723
Kilmacolm Road Houston 2700
Lammermuir Drive (Ochil Dr to Pentland Cresc) Paisley 1400
Linburn Road Erskine 3296
Linn Park Gardens Johnstone 2610
MacDowall Street Johnstone 3000
Mainsholm & R/About Erskine 1500
Maxwellton Road Paisley 1156
McKenzie Street Paisley 2400
Mill Street Paisley 1170
Montgomery Road (Brewster Ave to Merlin Way Paisley 2183
Netherhill Road W/B Paisley 1365
New Sneddon Street Paisley 1200
Newton Avenue Elderslie 2128
North Street Houston 2310
Orchard Street Renfrew 1460
Paisley Road / Hairst Street Renfrew Mono block area
Park Gate (Nos 103 to 155) Erskine 833
Queen Street Renfrew 1140
Rashielee Road Erskine 2000
Silk Street Paisley 688
Spateston Road Johnstone 2555
Springbank Road Paisley 2800


Footway resurfacing 2018/19

Location Town Area (m2)
Bridge of Weir Road Brookfield 450
Glasgow Road Paisley 650
Corsebar Road Paisley 300
Pennan Erskine 300
Gleniffer Road Paisley 480
High Street Johnstone 208
North Street Paisley 200
Paisley Canal Station Paisley 113
Amochrie Road (North) Paisley 311
Clippens Road Linwood 350
Elizabethan Way Renfrew 450
Argosy Way Renfrew 200
Netherhill Road Paisley 4,100
Amochrie Road (South) Paisley 532
Old Greenock Road Inchinna 600
Brittania Way Renfrew 810
Porterfield Road Renfrew 200
Clark Street Renfrew 290
Ben Lawers Drive Paisley 1,250
Warlock Road Bridge of Weir 650
Durrockstock Road Paisley 850
Park Gardens Kilbarchan 870
Hawkhead Avenue Paisley 390
Miller Street Johnstone 445
Darvel Crescent Paisley 590
Lyon Road Erskine 360
Quarrelton Road Johnstone 170
Beith Road Johnstone 318
Easwaldbank Kilbarchan 426
Beechwood Drive Renfrew 860
Old Road Elderslie 1,154
Mill Street Paisley 2,000
Craw Road Paisley 727
Rowan Street Paisley 818
Victoria Road Brookfield 1,490
Fergus Avenue Paisley 632
Middlepenny Place Langbank 590
Findhorn Avenue Paisley 384
Cullen Erskine 500
McConnell Road Lochwinnoch 1,540
Alexandria Drive Paisley 210
Greenbank Drive Paisley 842
Coruisk Way Paisley 213
Brent Crescent Houston 750
Ninian Avenue Houston 660
Falcon Road Johnstone 250
Total 30,483


Class Description
Class A Class A roads are usually either dual or single carriageway roads
and are major roads intended to provide large scale transport links
within or between areas
Class B Class B roads generally have lower traffic densities than main
trunk roads or Class A roads. Class B roads are not rated in terms
of the width or quality of the road.
Class B roads are intended to connect different areas and to feed
traffic between Class A roads and smaller roads.
These can range from dual carriageways to single track roads with
passing places.
Classified Unnumbered These roads are generally smaller roads intended to connect
together unclassified roads with Class A and Class B roads
Unclassified Unclassified roads are generally local roads which are intended for
local traffic. The vast majority of roads in Scotland (60%) fall in to
this category.