A single use drug kit has been found while a community group carried out a clean up in Ferguslie Park.

The pack, called ‘One Hit Kit’ used by drug adidcts was found inside a bin while the park was being tidied up.  Rubbish and weeds were being cleared from the area which was close to the kids play park. Shortly after the cleanup began, some volunteers discovered the discarded, but unopened, kit for drug addicts.

The kit contains a spoon, syringe and needle, alcohol wipe and citric acid sachet all packaged together in a sterile wrapper.

The ‘one hit kit’ is used by drug addicts and should only be used once. It is distributed by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde to help reduce the spread of blood borne viruses like Hepatitis C and HIV.

A survey carried out by Greater Glasgow and Clyde found that the introduction of the kit has encouraged 70% of service users to change addict’s injecting practice by injecting more safely and reducing the re-use and sharing of equipment.

The event was arranged by Ferguslie Park Community Council and headed by chairperson Terry McTernan. The group have taken part in several of Renfrewshire Council’s ‘Team Up to Clean Up’ campaigns which encourages local communities to improve their neighbourhood.

Anyone interested in taking part in a clean up can contact the Wardens office and they provide you with waste bags, litter pickers, high-vis vests, protective gloves and graffiti removal kits. Afterwards the Council will remove all of the litter after it has been collected.

Local resident David Cameron, who was a volunteer at the clean up, said: “We had begun the cleanup but it wasn’t long before some mothers discovered a drug addicts needle fix kit placed inside a trashcan.

“One mother pointed out to me, ‘can you believe they even called it a one hit kit’ which was printed on the plastic packaging.

“Next time when someone asks you, do you know what your kids are getting up to? First off, have a look at where and what they might be playing with and if anything, lend an hour or two and help those trying to make things safer for everyone’s kids.”

A Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said: “Any volunteers carrying out a clean-up of their local area should ensure they take all the necessary precautions to ensure they can carry it out safely.

“Our Wardens Service will continue to support any clean-ups undertaken in Renfrewshire and can provide groups with the correct equipment and safety information in advance.

“Any broken glass, needles or similar items should not be collected by volunteers and should be reported to the Wardens on 0300 300 0380 and they will arrange for the items to be safely removed.”