A leading guitar physicist, who has been dubbed as a cross between Einstein and Jimi Hendrix, will deliver a lecture called ‘Are We Made of Maths?

The Philosophy of Maths and the Maths of Rock’ at University of the West of Scotland’s (UWS) Paisley campus on 14th September.

Celebrating Maths Week Scotland (10th – 16th September 2018), a Making Maths Count initiative aiming to promote mathematics and numeracy, the thought-provoking and highly engaging lecture will see Dr Mark Lewney introduce the maths of guitars, telecoms, ocean waves and life itself, and show how string vibrations might lie at the heart of the big questions about the universe.

Dr Mark Lewney, who has a PhD in guitar physics, was the winner of the first-ever FameLab science and communications competition, and has appeared on a host of television shows, including BBC’s One Show, Money Programme and Newsnight.

At the upcoming lecture, he will answer a range of questions, from what maths actually is and if it was invented or discovered, to whether mathematics was around in the age of the dinosaurs.
Commenting on the lecture at UWS, Dr Lewney, said: “I’m very excited to be visiting UWS for Maths Week in Scotland, a country close to my heart where I studied physics, and which has a proud history of mathematical breakthroughs.”

Deputy First Minister, John Swinney, said: “Maths Week is Scotland’s annual celebration of numeracy and mathematics, and it is great to see it being embraced with so many interesting events planned across the country. Dr Mark Lewney’s lecture on maths, physics and music will be a fascinating addition to the programme embodying much of what our Maths Week is about – creativity, inclusion, curiosity and fun.”

Professor Craig Mahoney, Principal & Vice Chancellor of University of the West of Scotland, said: “Mathematics is a vital life skill, not only for young learners, but for parents, educators, and the wider population. At the University of the West of Scotland we recognise this and are delighted to support the Making Maths Count initiative by welcoming colleagues to a special lecture, designed for all ages, by the extremely talented Dr Mark Lewney.”

The ‘Are We Made of Maths? The Philosophy of Maths and the Maths of Rock’ lecture by Dr Mark Lewney is open to members of the public to attend. To secure a place, register here.