A fire has destroyed a sports pavilion at Robertson Park in Renfrew.

The fire service arrived at the scene around 10.30pm last night. Crews fought the fire for hours with 20 firefighters involved at one point.

Fire crews remained at the scene until 9am  the following morning.

It appears that the fire was started on purpose with the area’s MP, Gavin Newlands describing those responsible for the blaze as “thoughtless morons”.

Gavin, speaking on his Facebook account, said: “Popped down the see the extent of the damage of last night’s fire at the pavilion in Robertson Park. Sad to say the building is a totally burnt out shell.

“I hope the thoughtless morons who did this are proud of themselves this morning.

“There will be a fence erected around the pavilion to keep folk out as council work out plans for the building, which will undoubtedly require it’s demolition.”

CllR John Shaw also paid a visit to the park and described what he saw as ‘a depressing sight’.

He said: “I’ve been in contact with Council Officers this morning and they had been in attendance at the site as part of the Council’s Civil Contingency Service which includes Building Control and Streetscene. ScottishPower had also been in attendance to ensure services were safely disconnected.

“I’ve been informed there is no immediate need to demolish the structure, which I take to mean it is not in a dangerous state, and it has now been fenced off.

“I will be following this up on Monday as unless there are imminent plans for the remaining structure we simply cannot have it sitting untouched in the middle of the park and it should be removed ASAP.”

Photo Credit: Facebook / Gavin Newlands MP