Councillors Kenny MacLaren and Stephen Burns have reacted to complaints from constituents regarding the recent change to the car park policy at the RAH, where the health board are forcing staff without permits to find alternative parking spaces.

This has had a detrimental impact on local streets and local communities.

It is also causing problems for staff trying to find an alternative location to park their vehicle, especially if they are working a late shift which results in them having to walk alone in quiet streets to get to their vehicles.

Councillor Kenny MacLaren, SNP Paisley Northwest, said: “It seems like the Health Board don’t give a damn about residents or even staff when it comes to messing about with the parking situation at the RAH.

“This is not a new problem. The management of the Health Board seem to think proper consultation with the council, staff and local residents an inconvenience. We’ve had to deal with them simply moving their parking problems onto local communities.

“The council had to introduce new parking restrictions around Craw Road the last time the Health Board changed their parking policies and this time there is a proposal for new restrictions around Corsebar Road.

“It’s time the Health Board management started to properly look at the issue at the RAH and not simply copy whatever they’ve decided is good enough for hospitals in Glasgow.”

Councillor Stephen Burns, SNP Paisley Southwest told Renfrewshire News: “Since the Health Board changed their policy on the main car park, I’ve had a number of local residents complain about the increased number of cars parked in residential areas.

“This is having an impact on local residents who are now finding it difficult to park close to their homes and are sometimes disturbed at night when staff return to pick up their vehicles. This is all down to a health board management who show little interest in this long running problem.”