School pupils in Ferguslie have been praised for their enthusiasm for reading books.
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A special celebration was held for the young people from St Fergus and Glencoats Primary schools to mark the big increase in pupils completing this year’s Summer Reading Challenge.

This year, a total of 113 pupils signed up to take part and 25 completed the challenge to read six books during the school holidays compared to 34 children taking part and nine reading the required six books in 2018.

Photo: Pupils from St Fergus and Glencoats Primary schools, in Paisley attended a celebration at Ferguslie Library for their Summer Reading Challenge achievements

This was an increase of 232 per cent for participation and a 178 per cent increase in pupils completing the challenge.

And last week they were invited to Ferguslie Library to enjoy games and activities, along with a bite of lunch as a reward for their reading efforts.

Morag Macpherson, Renfrewshire Leisure’s head of cultural services said: “Well done to the pupils of St Fergus and Glencoats who participated in the challenge.
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The numbers of pupils involved are impressive, and we hope that they really enjoyed discovering some new books and authors with us this summer.

“Thanks also to their parents and carers, teachers and the staff at Ferguslie Library for supporting them in their love of reading.”

The event was supported by the School Libraries Attainment team as part of the Renfrewshire Attainment Challenge.

Photo: Hope Robertson and Liam Robertson

Photo: Chloe McCreavy and Mikey Walmsley