The Manorview Hotels & Leisure Group, owners of the  owners of the Lynnhurst Hotel in Johnstone and Bowfield Hotel & Country Club in Howwood have been recognised for their commitment to caring for their employees.

Gordon McIntyre, the founder of Hospitality Health, visited the Group’s Torrance Hotel in East Kilbride to present the Group with a Wellness Charter Certificate.

The Charter is awarded to employers who are positive about staff wellness and display an openness, non-judgemental, and supportive attitude towards mental health and wellbeing.

Earlier this year, a survey by ScotHot, reported that almost 60% of workers in the Scottish hospitality industry had experienced mental health problems at work. The three top causes linked to work-related stress were cited as being long hours, a lack of work-life balance and working in a high-pressure environment.

The Manorview Group have introduced a series of initiatives, all geared towards looking after their team. These include dedicated ‘listening sessions’ ensuring everyone’s voice is heard and people feel valued. Everyone is connected through an employee App called IRIS, but also encouraged to turn off their notifications outside of work in a bid to promote a healthier work-life balance.

The Group is mindful that not all stresses are work-related. People sometimes struggle with difficult personal circumstances at home, providing a safe and supportive working environment can be a vital lifeline.

It’s something Manorview Group Area Operations Manager Kathleen Swallow recognised.

In her former role as General Manager of The Torrance Hotel, she saw members of her team experiencing difficult situations outside of work which involved mental health and suicide. Unsure how to best support her team, she sought advice from SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health).

Kathleen said, “As a manager looking after a team, you feel a sense of responsibility for their health and wellbeing. We need to remember that often outside of work, there can be a lot going on in people’s lives. It’s important we keep talking and listening, to ensure people feel safe and supported when they come to work.”

Recognising that need to support everyone in the hospitality industry, from employees to students and management, is the driving force of Hospitality Health. The organisation provides signposts to specialised resources for people looking for advice on issues such as bereavement, gambling, alcohol and drug abuse, mental health and wellbeing.

Hospitality Health, in partnership with Hospitality Action, also offers access to a dedicated Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), which is a 24-hours a day, confidential helpline.

In addition to this, the organisation has also been working with Glasgow-based charity Lifelink to bring workshops and training to management and employees working in hospitality.

The Manorview Hotels & Leisure Group formed in 2007. The Group’s portfolio now includes eight hotels, two pubs, two nightclubs, a leisure club and luxury spa, and a workforce of over 500.

David Tracey, Managing Director, Manorview Group, said, “Hospitality Health are to be commended for setting up this vital network tailored to our industry. As a company it gives us comfort that we are able to offer this service and resource to our team, as we seek to provide a safe working environment for all our people.”

Charity Founder, Gordon McIntyre, is also Associate Dean for Hospitality and Tourism at City of Glasgow College. He said, “It is brilliant to see employers like Manorview Group really making a difference in supporting their staff. At this time when recruitment and retention within the industry is tough, a company who takes the time to support the wellbeing of their people, will be successful and find their need for recruitment has fallen and their staff retention at a high level. I commend them and invite others in the hospitality industry to follow them”