An inmate has been cleared of trying to kill a convicted murderer in a prison art class.

James Faulds, 31, had been accused of slashing Paolo Parracho across the face at HMP Shotts in Lanarkshire on 20th February 2020.

The incident occurred 11 years to the day that Parracho, 52, was jailed for life for bludgeoning to death his former lover Tracey Scott at her home in Paisley, Renfrewshire in 2008.

He had identified Faulds for the prison attack recalling his Nazi tattoo.

But, Faulds had denied being responsible during a trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

Jurors went on to return a not proven verdict on the attempted murder charge.

Faulds appeared from custody having been handed an Order for Lifelong Restriction in 2011 aged just 21.

He had pled guilty to being involved in the horrific torture of a vulnerable young man over a £60 debt in Ayr, Ayrshire in 2010.

A judge at that time remarked how “violence was important” to Faulds and that background reports made “very disturbing reading”.

Among his other offences include previously assaulting an 89 year-old fellow inmate as well as killing a deer with a boulder at a children’s petting zoo at a park also in Ayr.

Jurors heard how there was no known motive for the attack on Parracho – who was sentenced to a minimum 17 years in 2009.

He was said to be sitting at an easel when he was approached from behind.

Parracho was slashed with “considerable force” with an unknown sharp weapon

Parracho claimed he would not forget Fauld’s face.

Prosecutor Shanti Maguire asked him: “Are you clear who the person was?”

He replied: “Unfortunately, yes.”

Faulds denied he was responsible and that he had only learned what happened afterwards.

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