The £1.009million Whole Family Wellbeing Fund aims to build a network of support around families, children and young people who need it before they get into crisis.

It’s open to community groups and third sector organisations with a bank account and is administered by Renfrewshire Council and funded through the Scottish Government.

Local groups are vital in reaching and supporting families due to their local knowledge and connections. This fund is designed to help them develop new and additional projects that enhance support available to local families.

Projects that can be funded include out-of-school and weekend clubs for children with disabilities, support groups for parents and carers of children with autism, programmes that help build family cohesion or parenting skills, and more.

Councillor Emma Rodden, convener of the Council’s Education and Children’s Services Policy Board, said: “We want to build a strong network around families, children and young people that can support them earlier before they would get into crisis. Things like out-of-school and weekend childcare as well as parenting programmes and support can make the difference.

“This fund is helping to expand support that third sector organisations and groups provide to the community and will support our whole systems transformational change to reduce the need for crisis intervention, helping in our work to get it right for every child, meet children’s rights and Keep The Promise to our children and young people.”

The fund is accepting applications until Tuesday 26th March 2024. Applications for the Whole Family Wellbeing Fund can be made on the Council website.

By Ricky Kelly

Main writer for Renfrewshire News

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