The Scottish SPCA is appealing for information after a kitten was cruelly shot with an airgun in Renfrew.

The SPCA were alerted after the seven month old female cat, named Fizz, managed to crawl home to King George Park Avenue on 19th August 2014.

She was rushed to a vets where she was found to have a shattered thigh bone and had to have one of her rear legs removed.

Kitten Fizz shot with airgun in Renfrew

Fizz’s owner Elaine Boyle said, “Aside from the obvious pain, Fizz has been left traumatised which is truly heartbreaking. She is recovering from her amputation but is scarred physically as well as emotionally.

“This has been very upsetting for the whole family and we are all disgusted that someone could do this.

“So far there have been no leads as to who shot Fizz but we are still hoping some information will come to light.

“I have seen quite a few other reports of airgun attacks in recent times and think it is a gutless and cruel crime.”

Chief Superintendent Mike Flynn said, “This is yet another sickening airgun attack on a defenceless animal which has resulted in Fizz losing a leg.

“Anyone who thinks it is acceptable to use an airgun in this way clearly should not be in possession of such a dangerous weapon.

“We welcome the Scottish Government’s proposal to introduce an airgun licensing scheme as we believe this will help prevent horrific attacks like this.

“The scheme would ensure that only those with a lawful reason are allowed to own an airgun and it would also help the police trace anyone using an airgun irresponsibly.”

Anyone with information is being urged to contact our animal helpline on 03000 999 999 or Police Scotland on 101.