A playground pavilion used as an outdoor classroom has been completely destroyed by fire.

Schoolkids and teachers at Auchenlodment Primary School, Aspen Place, Johnstone have been left heartbroken after vandals torched it.

Auchenlodment Primary School Outdoor wooden classroom destroyed

Police are investigating the attack on the pavilion, which was built with the help of lottery funding and donations from parents.

The fire happened around 8.30pm on Tuesday but firefighters were not able to save it.

Right away on Facebook pledges from parents and pupils vowed to raise money as quickly as possible and have the pavilion rebuilt.

On Thursday a pupil from the school called radio station Clyde 1 and spoke to DJ George Bowie and he said he would help and asked for local businesses to step in and donate equipment and time.

Gerry Carlton, headteacher at Auchenlodment Primary, told local newspaper the Paisley Daily Express: “The children are devastated about what has happened. They can’t understand why anyone would want to destroy their classroom. We do a lot of outdoor learning here and the pavilion was something the children could use to work and play together.

“It was also used as a place for the children to enjoy intervals and lunchtime.”