Renfrewshire South MSP, Tom Arthur, has addressed the Scottish Parliament during a debate on the Scottish Economy in relation to the EU referendum result.

During his speech, Tom outlined that continued membership of the single market is imperative to the wellbeing of Scotland’s economy. Acknowledging that the UK is headed to exit the EU following the Leave vote, Tom believes it is possible to retain membership of the single market through the European Free Trade Association in conjunction with bilateral agreements.

In his speech, Tom said: “While the UK Government may not know what ‘Brexit’ means, we in this Parliament must take our opportunity to define what it will mean for Scotland – in my view that means retaining full and uninterrupted membership of the Single Market.

“we must do all we can to persuade the UK Government not to pursue this reckless course. It is incumbent upon all members in this place to give effect to the will of the people of Scotland as expressed on June 23rd

“Should the UK Government deliver they will have demonstrated a willingness to treat Scotland as an equal partner.

“Should they fail – then it may not just be one union that they lose.”