Robert Innes

A candidate standing in the Council Elections for Houston, Crosslee & Linwood has questioned why roadworks in his ward are allowed to happen at the same time.

Robert Innes, one of two SNP candidates in the area has said local residents have raised concerns regarding roadworks at the Deafhillock roundabout outside Brookfield, Linwood town centre and various roadworks in both Houston and Bridge of Weir.

Tailbacks on these stretches of roads have left little options for motorists to avoid delays as they are likely to drive into more roadworks on main routes.

Robert Innes said: “Although I welcome the repairs being carried out, surely there should have been some co-ordination to ensure all the repairs weren’t happening at the same time.

“Obviously, I welcome the repairs but why do they all happen at the one time? This leaves motorists with very few options if they are trying to avoid the tailbacks caused by these repairs.

“I believe there should be a role for the council to co-ordinate the repairs to ensure that drivers don’t have to face tailbacks on almost every road they encounter.

“This is a simple communication problem which could easily have been resolved if the council took the time to look at all the roadworks being carried out in its area.”