The streets have been busy today with people out stretching their legs to escape the confines of lock down. Someone taking full advantage of the permitted one hour per day is none other than Mr Blobby!!!

In our video, Blobby can be “spotted” sauntering along Easwald Bank in Kilbarkchan.

Brian Fergusson, a resident of the street, who filmed the footage can he heard asking Mr Blobby if he “has been self isolating”.

“How are you not self-isolating, getting some exercise?” he shouted.

Last week a dinosaur was sighted out and about in Wallace Avenue in Elderslie as a new craze spreads across the UK. People have been dressing up in various guises to entertain their neighbourhoods as they partake of their daily allowance of exercise.  The government has recommended that we take some form of exercise during this time of lock down whilst we are in the midst of the global pandemic of coronavirus.