At the Infrastructure, Land and Environment Policy Board meeting on Wednesday 25th January, there is a paper on Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Tariffs and Roads Related Fees and Charges which includes a move to introduce a £100 fee to remove illegal signage which is placed on the Council’s road network without permission.

Where the signage advertises a business it will be assumed that the business owner is accountable for the signage being in place and will be liable to pay the fee.

The fee is reflective of the typical cost the council incurs to investigate, remove and dispose the signage.

Councillor Kenny MacLaren added: “I regularly receive complaints from constituents about illegal signage placed on the council’s road network so this move will be welcomed by many.

“This move will be welcomed by a number of constituents who regularly complain about illegal signs advertising businesses on lampposts and traffic lights. This includes complaints about signs blocking sightlines at junctions and being a hazard to both road users and pedestrians.

“For too long the council has ignored the complaints from the public regarding this illegal signage so its good that a policy has been brought forward to deal with this. I look forward to the board passing this policy and it being implemented as soon as possible.”

By Ricky Kelly

Main writer for Renfrewshire News

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