A woman is accused of trying to kill two people by starting a fire as they slept.

Kelly Marie McDonald, 37, allegedly sparked the blaze at the flat in Millarston Drive, Paisley on 27th February 2022.

Prosecutors claim she placed a mattress against the door of the property while a man and woman were inside asleep.

McDonald is said to have set it alight causing the fire to spread.

The charge states this lead to the exit of the flat being “blocked”.

It is claimed the door, property, common close and stairwell were damaged.

This is all said to have been to the danger of the lives of the man and woman as well as other residents there.

The case called for a hearing at the High Court in Glasgow, where McDonald’s legal team denied attempted murder on her behalf.

A trial was set for May 2024. McDonald, also of Paisley, remains on bail meantime.

Photo: A fire at an apartment building on Millarston Drive, Paisley in February 2022
Photo Credit: Renfrewshire News

By Grant McCabe

Renfrewshire News Court Reporter

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