A raft of talented locals and exceptional schools have been recognised for their incredible contribution to the Scots language, having been nominated for the Scots Language Awards 2023.

Nominated for Scots Speaker o the Year, Marc Sherland is the former president of the Robert Burns World Federation, as well as the founder of the Federation of Writers Scotland. He is a creative writing tutor who facilitates the performing writing group Word Factory, and has designed learning packs on Robert Burns and the Scottish Leid for use in schools and clubs.

Brian McLaughlin, a teacher at St Cadoc’s Primary School in Newton Mearns, is nominated for Scots Teacher of the Year, while playwright and novelist Alan Bissett is up for Scots Writer of the Year.

Paisley schools Mary Russell School and Ralston Primary School are both nominated for Scots School o the Year for their exceptional efforts to promote the Scots language to the next generation. They are among over 60 nominees in the running across 12 categories at the annual awards ceremony.

The ceremony will take place at Johnstone Town Hall, in partnership with Renfrewshire Council, on Saturday 16th September, showcasing the very best of Scots language and culture. The awards, which were first started in 2019, celebrate the importance of Scots language within arts and culture but also within daily life, education, and business.

Voting for this year’s Scots Language Awards will be open from Monday 28th August to Sunday 10th September 2023.

There will be a host of incredible entertainment on the night, including a recital from Renfrewshire’s poet laureate poet Shaun Moore, who was appointed as the region’s Tannahill Makar last year, talks from esteemed Scottish writers Cat Cochrane and Shane Strachan, and musical performances from celebrated brother duo Euan and Lewis McLaughlin, and talented folk singer Iona Fyfe.

Scotland’s traditional culture, music and arts organisation Hands Up For Trad organise the annual event, and organiser Simon Thoumire said: “We ur delichtit tae let ye ken the number o nominees fir the Scots Leid Awards submitit ower aa the sindrie categories haes bin jist grand! An its bin wunnerfu tae lairn aboot aa the fowk, some names we already kent, ithers new tae us, ettlin tae mak shuir oor braw Scots leid steys in guid hert. It haes nivver been mair importint tae acknowledge the fowk whaes wirk is keeping the leid tae the fore baith in thir daily lives an in its cultur, music an wirds. Sae mony nominations tae mak ye prood, an submitit as weel fae aa pairts o Scotland includin Renfrewshire!

“Aince votin stairts, its ower tae the public tae mak thir chuisins. The winners wull be anooncit at a ceremony in Johnstone Toon Ha’ Johnstone Renfrewshire oan Seturday 16th September. It wull be a haurd joab tae chuise fae sae mony amazin nominees. Sae mak shuir ye get yer votes in!”

Scots Language has long been used by authors, spoken in our top films, and is experiencing a contemporary year on year resurgence via social media including a huge new audience of all ages on TikTok, as communities connect and realise their heritage, led by the public, influencers, and media alike.

Voting for the Scots Language Awards will open on 28th August and votes can be cast at www.scotslanguageawards.com.

Tickets for the Scots Language Awards are available here: https://renfrewshireboxoffice.ticketsolve.com/ticketbooth/shows/1173641551

Photo Credit: Alan Richardson / Pix-AR.co.uk

By Ricky Kelly

Main writer for Renfrewshire News

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