Paisley’s ‘Black Hogmanay’: Remembering the 71 children who died 90 years ago today
“I remember I didn’t want to go that day,” said Emily Brown, 95 – one of hundreds of children who attended Paisley’s Glen Cinema 90 years ago today for a packed matinee performance that ended in tragedy – forever remembered by survivors as Paisley’s ‘Black Hogmanay’. Read more
Childline prepares to support children during their darkest hours at Christmas
Childline is preparing to help hundreds of young people in Scotland across the festive period – day and night – including many struggling to cope with mental health problems. Read more
Play and creativity is helping Renfrewshire nurseries develop their team
Nurseries across Renfrewshire are bringing play and autonomy into the heart of teaching young children after practitioners completed a highly-praised course. Read more