A major plan to regenerate housing in the Johnstone Castle area is to be discussed by members of Renfrewshire Council next week.

Following consultation with local tenants and residents over the last few months, a report on plans to demolish 48 blocks of tenement flats and replace them with new houses is to be considered by the Housing and Community Safety Policy Board on Tuesday 26th August 2014.

If given the go-ahead, the proposals would see the demolition of 288 properties and the lock-ups at Elm Drive/Spruce Avenue and Maple Drive within Johnstone Castle.

Plans are to be developed to ensure that once demolished, brand new council housing would be built in the area that would better meets the needs of Renfrewshire tenants.
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A consultation exercise over the last few months has been carried out to gauge the response to the plans among tenants and residents in the area.

Of those who attended the consultation events in March and April and who responded with their views, 87% agreed with the proposal and 73% of tenants said they would prefer to be rehoused within a new build home within Johnstone Castle.

Councillor Tommy Williams, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Housing and Community Safety Policy Board, said: “Our housing team have spent the last few months speaking to tenants in Johnstone Castle about these proposals and the response we’ve had has been really positive.

“The majority of people we spoke to recognise that there is little demand for these flats and that the community would be served better by new, front and back door properties. This would lead to more stable, long term tenancies in the area.

“This is obviously a major regeneration project so would take several years to complete and would involve some amount of disruption, however we are committed to working closely with our tenants throughout the process, to ensure things run as smoothly as possible and to ensure that those who want to stay in Johnstone Castle, wherever possible, get the chance to do so.”

If the board approves the proposals, the council will begin developing detailed plans for the newbuild development.  This will include phasing of rehousing and demolition, temporary moves where necessary and valuations and assistance for private owners.

The Council will be working closely with Linstone Housing Association which also has a lot of housing in the area to make sure there is a partnership approach to the regeneration of Johnstone Castle.

The council housing team will be contacting all tenants and residents affected by the proposals to keep them informed of the plans following the outcome of the Boards meeting.